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* Kids of Integrity

* Bible Road Trip (A 3 year survey of the Bible)

* Life of Christ for the Young

* Hymns for Young Children

* Reader’s Digest Story of the Bible World

* Scripture Histories for Little Children

* Bible Stories for Little Children

* Story Lessons on Character Building

* Young Folks Bible

* Child’s Story of the Bible

* A Child’s Guide to the Bible

* Kids 4 Truth

* Old Fashioned Education Bible Links

* Kids Talk About God

* Garden of Praise

* Short Story Time Free Printable Bible Lessons

* Free Kids Bible Links

* Calvary Curriculum

* Brick Bible

* Great resource for Apologetics

* Character Traits Unit Study with Bible Memory Verses


* National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

* Arithmetic Inductive Method for the Primary Grades

* BBC Skillswise Maths

* Math is Fun


* Learn Timestables  (very well done site)

* A Math’s Dictionary

* Mathematics Enhancement Programme

* Khan Academy

* Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

* Comprehensive School Mathematics Program Materials

* Maths Frame

* Sharp School

* Math Salamanders

* Math Playground Thinking Blocks

* Mathematics Blackline Masters Grades P-9

* Kids Numbers

* Don Potter’s Math Links

* Study Jams

* Multiplication

* Xtra Math

* Sum Dog

* Move it Math

* Math Cafe

* Education Unboxed

* Math Slice

* Centsables

Grammar and Writing

* Road to Grammar

* K12 Reader

* Grammar Land; Or, Grammar Fun for the Children (this one is my personal favorite)


* DoDEA by Scholastic (very comprehensive worksheet style curriculum)

* Daily Grammar

* Kiss Grammar

* Writer’s Workshop

* How to Teach Writing Videos (There is a ton here!)

* Poetry Forms

* BBC Skillswise English 

* English-Zone

* Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Handbook

* Grammaropolis (this is a paid site, but there is so much here that is Free that it is worth visiting)

* Read Write Think

* Word Libs

* Rink Words Crazy Tales

* Story Bird

* Charlotte Mason Grammer Free Language Lessons (This is the best Grammer resource listed if you like Charlotte Mason style education)

* NaNoWriMo

* Wordly Wise Online Free

* It’s a Mad Libs World

* Wonder Farm


* K12 Reader

* Kids 4 Classics

* Old Picture Books

* Accelerated Reading Book Finder

* A Complete Book of Nonsense (so funny, poetry)

* A Child’s Garden of Verses

* Open Library

* Speakaboos Stories

* The Literature Network

* Story Line Online

* Light Up Your Brain

* K12 Reader

* International Children’s Digital Library

* Compact for Reading

* English Maven (all launguage arts subjects)

* Free Reading

* Smart Tutor

* Mrs. Jones Room Links

* This Reading Mama

* ECB Reading

* Stairway to Reading

* Teach a Child to Read

* Literature for your Eyes and Ears

* Roy the Zebra


* K12 Reader

* Reading Bear

* Starfall

* Free Phonics Worksheets

* MES English

* Progressive Phonics

* Fast Phonics

* Reading Target (Free phonics worksheets, and reading placement tests)

* TLS Books

* The Phonics Page

* Free Phonics Lessons


* K12 Reader

* Spell by Color

* The Child and His Spelling

* eduplace Spelling Match Review

* Times Spelling Bee

* Spelling Bee Online

* Home Spelling Words

* Zaner-Bloser Spelling Lists

* AAA Spell

* Splash From the River Spelling for 6-8 grade

* Kids Spell

* Wordle (this website can also be used for Vocabulary)

* Spelling-Words-Well There are some paid items on here, but there are tons of FREE resources.


* K12 Reader

* Ontario Writing Courses

* Public School Penmanship

* Donna Young Penmanship

* Handwriting Worksheets


* Hunkin’s Experiments

* Magic School Buss Lesson Plans

* Harry and Lucy (Science Story)

* The Story Book of Science

* Science and the Bible (Apologetics)

* 37 Weeks of Science

* Preschool Science (would work for Pre-2nd grade)

* Homeschool Science

* Homeschooling.About

* Classic Science Elementary Life Science

* K-12 Science Curriculum

* Free Printable Science Worksheets

* A-Z Homes Cool Science Links

* Creation Homeshcool Study

* Otter’s Science

* CIESE k-12

* Kids Biology

* Science Explorer

* Science Kids (Warning: This is not a creation science site so screen for evolutionary content)

* Make Me Genius Science Videos (watch for evolutionary content)

* Jungle Walk


* G.A. Henty’s books

* Liberty’s Kids (on You Tube)

* Raising Refounders (US History)

* Grandfather’s Chair (US History)

* The Child’s Story of Our Country (US History)

* 37 Weeks of History

* My Audio School

* History For Kids

* Baldwin Project

* Homeschool Free Stuff WordPress Blog

* Mr. Donn

* History and Social Studies

* Kids Past

* Family History

* Watch Documentaries FREE (Preview them before showing them to your children. There is much to be gleaned, but there is also adult content to sift out.)

* Free History Worksheets

* American History (including videos and activities)

* Heritage History(Free resources are under the study aids section)


* Continents and Oceans Game

* Primary Grades Geography

* Phoenix Phaxx

* Owl and Mouse

* Kid Zone

* Ed Helper Geography

* geography and Geology for Kids

* Daily Tour

* US Geography

* National Postal Museum Curriculum

Foreign Languages

* Free Ed Gov

* Free Foreign Language

* Teachers Net Foreign Launguages

* Jim Beckers Help for Educators

* Hebrew 4 Christians

* Hebrew for Homeschool

* Learn Greek Online

* A Little Greek

* Word 2 Word

* Japanese and Others

* Teach Spanish

* Study Spanish

* Lot’s of Language Links

* Free Spanish Online


* Free Piano Lessons

* Absolutely Free Music Lessons

* Berklee Shares

* Making Music Fun


* 12 Animated Plays by William Shakespeare

* Blick Video Art Lessons

* Meet the Masters

* Art Appreciation Lesson Plans (by grade)

* Drawing Made Easy

* Art Graphica

* Virtual Instructor

* Incredible Art

* Art Factory

* Art Made Easy

* Draw Space

* National Gallery of Art for Kids

All/Multiple Subjects

* Watch Know Learn

* Edutopia

* The Teaching Channel

* Open Culture

* Kids Classroom on You Tube (You can search by grade level or by subject.)

* Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

* Bitesize

* Study Zone

* eClassroom

* Learning Games for Kids

* Mr. Nussbaum

* Sheppard Software

* Discovery Education

* Head of the Class

* Eduplace

* Interactive Sites

* Amazing Worksheets

* Power Point Presentations

* An Old Fashioned Education

* Ambleside Online

* Arcademic Skill Builders

* Lesson Pathways

* Kid Zone
(Warning: Watch for evolutionary content on all kid zone sites! Skip that part and the rest is really good.)

* School Express

* Kids Theme

* Kids Front

* TLS Books

* Prep Dog

* Free Rice

* Cookie

* Kid Friendly Homeschool Curriculum(FREE and Paid resources here, but there is enough free stuff to earn a spot on my list)

* Mater Amabilis (Charlotte Mason for Catholics)

* Free World U (Complete Curriculum in Flash Cards)

* Baltimore Curriculum Project Lesson Plans K-5

* The Puritans Homeschool Curriculum

* Amy’s Wandering Blog Homeschool For Free Page

* CK-12

* E-Learning for Kids (check out the courses section)

Lapbook Resources

* Dynamic 2 Moms

* Homeschool Share

* Squidoo (Search Lapbooks)

* Homeshcool Bin

* Lapbook Lessons

* Heart Of Wisdom

* Homeschooling 4 Free Lapbook Links

Other Free Resources

* 1828 Webster’s Dictionary

* Channel 4 Learning

* Smart Tutor

* Super Teacher Tools

* Free Printable

* Reading Sage Blog

* Education

* Math In English

* Classroom Jr.

* The Baldwin Project

* Curriculum In A Click (Lots of Free Downloads)

* Teachers Pay Teachers (Lots of Free Downloads)

*  Voki

* Harvest Ministry

* Homeschool Creations (Tons of free printables)


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  2. I am so thankful I found this site. We are “newbies”, and I was looking for a website like this. I have found so many ideas on here. I can’t thank you enough. Thanks, and May God Bless You!

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