Positive Feedback

I adore this post for reminding me HOW TO PRAISE my children. I know this trick from my years of teaching preschool, but I had forgotten as of late. I am excited to implement this style of praise and watch the results.

Practical Pages

Most homeschool parents would agree that the joy of spending every moment with their child is that they are able to witness their child’s learning experiences, daily, moment-by-moment and can rejoice in every development!

Successful homeschooling is not only measured in how many facts were memorized, or the skills mastered, a story narrated in detail, pages filled with neat handwriting, an emerging reader reading fluently, the brilliant maths wiz kid, talented, great all-rounders.

Success also comes when we work through struggles, difficult transitions, and find the child’s unique learning style and make the connections.

Feedback is vital to this growth and learning.

I’m not promoting gushing praise.  I’m talking about specific feedback, detailed observations, carefully worded encouragement.

As a teacher, when I commented on something good I noticed on someone’s page, the whole class perked up.  That specific child was boosted, naturally, but it reinforced to all in the class…

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