"Living and Loving It"

Two love birds in swings was the beginning of our family

Who am I?
I am a sister in Christ first and foremost. Next I am a happy servant to my husband and children. Last I am all the other things that make a whole person that aren’t near as important as the first two things.
What do I like?
I like Jelly Beans, Skittles, anything colorful, days that aren’t too hot or too cold, lovely conversations, and last but not least the smiles of my 4 children.


Skittles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do I do all day?
I teach my children and guide them in the ways of the Lord, I walk our dog Ms. Piggy, I cook, I clean, I assist my children in learning life skills, I do laundry, I make my own household cleaners, I explore new homeschool inspiration, I serve my husband when he comes home from work, and last but not least I give my undivided attention to my husband and we spend every evening with each other.
What words describe me?
I am saved, I am a sinner, I am loyal, I am serious, I am deeply affected, I am emotional, I am patient, I am tolerant, I am silly, I am young, I am experienced, I am seasoned, I am sensitive, I am devoted, I am loving, I am selfless, I am conversational, I am interested, I am thoughtful, and I am honest.
What words don’t describe me?
I am not funny, I am not rich, I am not without sin, I am not strong, I am not independent, and so many more.


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