Kindergarten Day or Week 2 (your choice)

Lesson 2

(Please use these lessons to bless your family.  Don’t feel like you have to do everything and adjust to your child’s skill level and interest.)



B is for Bible Coloring Sheet

B is for Bible Handwriting Worksheet

The B-I-B-L-E by the Go Fish Guys

Books of the Bible Rap by Go Fish Guys

Teaching Kids to use Their Bibles Even Before they can Read

ABC Jesus Loves Me has downloadable hand motions for The Books of the Bible (scroll down)

Memory Work:

Do the same Memory Work as Lesson 1


Nellie and Ned Letter B Video

Monster B Coloring Sheet or Dino B Coloring Sheet

B is for Blue Nellie and Ned Video

Follow the Letter B Maze

Letter B Puzzle

Review the Letter A with Nellie and Ned


Reading Letter B Worksheet

B is for Butterfly Activity

Starfall Letter B

Starfall Learn to Read: Do everything is Row Number 2

McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer Lesson 2

Bear’s Skateboard Park Online Game


Learning Number 2 Interactive Video

Number 2 Story

Number 2 Worksheet

Tracing Numbers and Counting Number 2

Learning Number 3 Interactive Video

Number 3 Story

Number 3 Worksheet

Number 3 Coloring Page

Online Teddy Bear Counting Game or This One


The Three Bears or Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Story Nory or Goldilocks and the Three Bears Speakaboos Video AND Cool School Goldilocks and the Three Bears (LOL!)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Activity

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Worksheet Packet for Advanced kindergartener

Power Point and More

3 Bears Lesson Plans and Printables

Tons of Printable Resources from Sparklebox

Making Learning Fun has some great ideas!

Three Bears Virtual Vine Unit Study

Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Goldilocks Sorting Pages

English: Cartoon of Grimm's fairy tale bears e...

English: Cartoon of Grimm’s fairy tale bears eating Goldilocks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Find the letter B: Rub A Dub Dub

A Child’s Garden of Verses, A Thought


Writing the Uppercase B

Writing the Lowercase b

Rainbow Alphabet Lowercase Letters

Tracing the Number 2

Tracing the Number 3


Kindergarten Day or Week 1 (your choice ;)

Deutsch: Titelbild zu "A Child's Garden o...

Deutsch: Titelbild zu “A Child’s Garden of Verses” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lesson 1

(Please don’t feel like you have to complete everything listed here in one day or at all.  Do as much or as little as you feel your child will enjoy and learn from.)


Hulbut’s Story of the Bible (Play The Story of the Beautiful Garden)

Adam and Eve Bible Lesson

A is for Adam Coloring Sheet

More Adam and Eve Crafts and Activity Ideas

Memory Work:

ABC Song with ASL

I Can Count to 100

Days of the Week Song

Months of the Year Song

Shape Song

Colors Song


A is for Apple-A is for Ant Video

Monster A Coloring Sheet or Dino A Coloring Sheet

Letter A Puzzle


Reading the Letter A

Starfall Letter A

Starfall Learn to Read (Do everything in row 1)

McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer Lesson 1


Number 1 Song

Learning Numbers, 1 Worksheet

Set of Number 1 WorksheetsBean stalk

Apple Counters and Tree Counting Mat

Apple Barrel 1-10 Puzzle

Count the Apples Online Game

Have your child use the Connecting Cubes to Count to 10 or higher!


Jack and the Bean Stalk or Jace and the Bean Stalk – Story Nory or Cool School Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Bean Stalk Story Guide

Free Jack and the Bean Stalk Printable Pack

You on the Bean Stalk Craft Idea

Fe Fi Fo Fum! Art Project

Jack and the Bean Stalk Craft and Math Games

Even More FUN ideas for Jace in the Bean Stalk


Baa, Baa Black Sheep Find the letter Aa

A Child’s Garden of Verses, Bed in Summer


Alphabet Write the Letter Aa Video

Writing the Uppercase A

Writing the lowercase a

Number Practice


Kindergarten Lesson 2

Preschool – 1st Phonics: Short A Sound


First watch the short a presentation by reading bear and then take the quiz.

Next follow across row 1 playing the an and at word games, than reading the book, and last watching the movie.

Have your child complete the accompanying worksheets.

Have your child complete this trace, write, and read worksheet

Have your child complete this build a word worksheet

Have your child complete this say it write it worksheet

Have your child play this short a vowel sound game

Have your child make short a vowel sentences and then copy them on a piece of handwriting paper.

Have your child play the chicken stacker game (choose the letter a)

Download and print all of the short a resources.  Have your child do the activities and go over the flash cards with them.

Have your child sort short a and long a sounds in this online game.

Have your child click-through and listen to the sounds of a.

Have your child complete these short a sound mazes.

Download and read the Ab and Bam book with your child.  See how many words he can read on his own.

Read this short vowel a with Jaz book with your child.  Again, see how many words she can read on her own.

Have your child try his hand at this short a sound word search.

Have your child complete this write the short vowel a worksheet.

Have your child complete this cut and paste short vowel a worksheet.

Download and print this Football Short Vowel Sort Game.  Focus only on having them sort the short a words.

Download and print this My short a word families frog sorting game.  (This is a good one and lots of components.  Do not miss this one!)

Turtle and Flower Short A Word Families Sort Game. (Download and Print)

Hot Dog and Grill Short A Word Families Sort Game. (Download and Print)

Under Construction Word Family Sort Game (Download and Print, Use only the short vowel a cards and add the others as you teach new sounds.)


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you and your little one enjoyed Noah’s Ark Homeschool Academy’s Short Vowel A Lesson!