Lego Unit Study



Welcome to our Lego Unit Study!

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Lego Quests
* Car – build a car using your imagination only (no instructions aloud).

* Monochromatic – The only rule is that it has to be all one color.

* Vessel – Look up the definition for vessel in the dictionary, there are several different meanings for the word, then pick one and start creating!

* Two Dimensional – You can create anything you want as long as it only has the dimensions of height and width.

* Tool – Make a tool that already exists or create a new one.

* Creature – You can build a creature (a non-human living organism) that already exists or one you just discovered. This would make a great extended writing project.

* Collaboration – The only rule this time is that you work with someone else. It can be your whole family or a friend.

* Your Favourite Book – Create anything from your favourite book.

* Maximum Height – Build a vertical structure that has nothing holding it up, and then measure it.

* Spring – Create something that reminds you of Spring.

* Shadow – Create something that would cast a great shadow and then take a picture of only the shadow.

* Mixed Media – Combine your Legos with other objects to create whatever you like.

* Earth Day – Use your imagination to represent Earth Day. Could you invent something new to make the Earth a better place?

* Ancient Monument – Try and recreate an ancient monument, or use one for inspiration.

* Kinetic – Challenge yourself to create something that has at least one moving part.

* Bird House – Design a bird house and maybe even a bird that lives in it.

* Metamorphosis – Can you make a Lego design that transforms from one stage to another? This may be something from real life, or a brand new idea!

* Flags – Replicate a flag design with Legos or make your own flag creation.

* Wrapped Object – Make any Lego creation that you want, then wrap it with another object until no Lego’s are showing.

* Repair or Replace – Improve or fix something in your environment with Legos.

* Buoyancy – Can you create a Lego vessel or structure that actually floats? Keep trying until you get it right!

* Display Your Art – Design something out of Lego that will display your art.

* Cityscape – A cityscape is an urban landscape. This is a great opportunity to study a city, write a report, then build it with Legos!

* Illumination – Creat anything you would like, but have in mind how you will incorporate light into your design.

* Bridge – Make a simple bridge or you could study the engineering behind the bridge building and try to construct a sturdy bridge or make a replica of a famous bridge.

* Playground – Create you dream playground and test it out with your minifigures.

* Archeology – What do you know about archeology? Use what you know or learn about archeology in the building of this Lego Quest.

* Fall Harvest – (This is an alternative Halloween) What reminds you of Fall? Make a list of everything that comes to mind and create a fall scene or just one of the listed items.

* Two Cups of Random Bricks – Create something awesome with 2 cups of random bricks. Remember, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

* Map – Making a map of Legos would make a great geography lesson, or you could even make a treasure map. Another idea would be to study the different types of maps and create a map in each type.

* Holiday Scene – Create a scene or object that reminds you of Christ’s birth and how your family remembers and worships him.

* Coral Reef – Study coral reefs and create one out of Legos.

* Favourite Hymn or Worship Song – Can you create something out of Legos that remind you of the meaning of the song or could convey the meaning to others?

* 30 Pieces – Click the link and use the exact pieces that are described, but in any color you want.

* Maze or Labyrinth – Design you own maze or recreate one.

* Food – Recreate anything that represents something edible.

* Natural Disasters – Read a few books on natural disasters and then create a scene that depicts a natural disaster in action and/or the aftermath.

* Wearable LEGO – Create something out of Lego that can be worn.

* Occupation – Represent a job that you would like to do with Legos.

* Country – Create something that reminds you of your favorite country or of a country you are studying.

* Garden – Read the description of the garden of Eden and create what you imagine it to look like or create any garden you like.

* Aircraft – The sky is the limit! Create the ultimate flying machine (or just a plain old plane)

* 2×2 Bricks Only – Build anything you like as long as you ONLY use 2X2 bricks.

* Surrealism – Create something that couldn’t happen in real life. Think outside the box.

* Self Portrait – Create something in the image of yourself.

* Modern Marvels of Engineering – Engineer a modern man-made marvel.

* Micro-Scale – Make your Lego creation smaller than a normal Lego creation.

* Functional – Make something out of Legos that serves a purpose and is a useful household object.

* Growing – What can you make grow in a tree or in the ground that you create with Legos?

* Macro Scale – Pick a Lego and then use as many Legos as you want to create that Lego on a larger scale. Make a large replica of a Lego.

* Olympic Event – Recreate your favourite Olympic event or sport with Legos.