Morning Memory Work 2013-2014


Fruit of the Spirit Song

Armor of God Song

Ten Commandment Song

Books of the Bible Song

Get a Little Crazy Song

Ephesians 6 with Hand Motions



Veritas Press Timeline with Hand Motions

Veritas Press Timeline with Hand Motions Part 2

Timeline Song with Pictures

US President Song



Grammar Song



Continents and Oceans Song

Countries of the World Europe

50 States and Capitals Rap

Compass Rose Song

Longitude and Latitude Song



Dinosaurs A-Z

Magnet Song

Electricity Song

Anatomy Song

Part of a Skeleton Song

Heart Song

Circulatory Song

Cell Song

Respiratory System Song

Integumentary System Song

Digestive System Song

Muscles Make You Stronger

Ears For Hearing Song

Scientific Method



Multiplication Rock

Skip Counting Squares

Skip Counting Cubes

Place Value to Millions

Geometry (and more)

Free Printable Math Facts Drills

Xtra Math Online Drills


Music and Art

Top 20 Famous Composers

Meet 10 Famous Paintings and Artists



Days in the Month Song

Tick Tock Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days Song

Tick Tock AM/PM


(These are tools that I will be using this year to help my children memorize details about each subject that we are studying this year.  I will not have them watch each video every day.  Instead I will rotate them as we move through the year. )


Centuries Around the World Notebooking Pages

Centuries Around the World Front Cover

Centuries Around the World Cover

Centuries Around the World Divider Pages

Centuries Around the World Dividers

Centuries Around the World Timeline Notebook Pages

Centuries Around the World Timeline Pages

Blank Centuries Around the World Timeline Pages

*(Print front and back only one time period at a time, then print an extra page of the last page in each section)*

*As you can see the timeline pages are divided into 5 sections.  I left them blank so that you can label them any way you want, but I do have a suggestion.
In whatever order you would like, I would suggest to label the divisions into these groupings: (wars, conflicts, politics), (notable men, and women), (art and music), (religion and philosophy), and (discovery, Inventions, Technology). *

Centuries Around the World Back Cover

Centuries Around the World Back Cover

Centuries Around the World Timeline Figures

Centuries Around the World Images (This is all I have so far, but I will update as we go)

Centuries Around the World Maps

This is what I have so far for Noah’s Ark Homeschool Academy’s Centuries Around the World Notebook.  I hope you enjoy using it, and please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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